• New AI system checks blood glucose using non-invasive ECG data

    For several years, among the grand rewards of medical diagnostic gadgets has actually been the non-invasive glucose screen. From wrist-watches to contact lenses, the enticing imagine a gadget to consistently keep an eye on blood glucose levels without piercing the skin has actually stopped working to end up being reality, in spite of an substantial

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  • Google’s AI Breast Cancer System Detects Tumors Human Experts Miss

    A brand-new AI system is better at finding breast cancer in mammograms than proficient radiologists. The software application, made by scientists from Google Health, is not made to replace human radiologists; however, it’s purpose is to help and speed up present diagnostic procedures. Though mammograms are very good diagnostic tools for finding breast cancer, they

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  • AI to predict protein structure millions time faster

    There is an escalating race to get to the bottom of predicting the 3D structures of proteins from their amino-acid sequences. It would not be wrong if it is said that it is one of the biggest challenges that the biological world face. Here again, thanks to the new artificial intelligence (AI) who comes to

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