My Bikini Butt – Does it Really Work?


My Bikini Butt is a weight loss product by Andrea Albright on how to be a success on having an attractive body. It presents how important it is to have a healthy diet and a happy mind to have a healthy body. Andrea Albright presents her powerful and effective unique approach with her own techniques and secrets of years of research and study with this Program. There are separate sections for shaping and toning the areas like Thighs, Belly and Hips, while losing weight.

Andrea does not use starvation diets or asks to do heavy workouts at gym in her program. She give you a collection of delicious fat melting  recipes instead.


Andrea Albright is a natural weight loss expert, motivational speaker and an author. Creator of “My Bikini Butt“. Her unique methods to losing weight has inspired millions of people all around the world. Being the author of successful natural weight loss programs such as, The Suger Detox Solution, Amazing Body Now and Reveal The Thin Within has gained her much reputation in past 15 years. Andrea Albright has been teaching fitness and yoga since 2005 and she’s recognized by Youtube as one of the largest beauty networks.

These are included:

Main Video Instructions:

  • Eat
  • Breathe
  • Move

Bikini Butt

  • Bikini Blaster (Demo+Special Workout)
  • Tighten & Tone That Butt Workout (Demo+Workout)
  • Cheek Chiseler (Demo+Workout)
  • Bubble Butt (Demo+Workout)
  • Bikini Sculptor (Demo+Workout)
  • Butt Kicker (Demo+Workout)
  • My Butt Feels (Demo+Workout)
  • Smooth Out (Demo+Workout)

Blast The Fat

  • Blast Belly Fat Coaching Intro
  • The 4-Day Slim Down Bonus
  • Blast Belly Fat Coaching Week 1
  • Blast Belly Fat Coaching Week 2
  • Blast Belly Fat Coaching Week 3
  • Blast Belly Fat Coaching Week 4
  • Destroy All Excuses with Sean Stephenson (Bonus)
  • Hormones, Menopause and Belly Fat (Bonus)

Reveal the Thin Within!

  • The 7 Foundations of Emotional Weight Loss Success
  • The 4-step “Sculpt and Tone” Formula
  • 11 Strategies for Everlasting Weight Loss
  • Reveal The Thin Within’s Weight Loss Audio Program
  • Reveal The Thin Within’s “Overcome Anything!” Virtual Workshop
  • Reveal The Thin Within’s Weight Loss Audio Program

100 Fat Melting Meals

  • Eating healthy meals to shape your body and lose fat from your belly, hips, thinghs and butt has never been easier.
  • It took me years to collect each of these recipes of fat melting meals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a vegan,
    carnivore or a pescatarian, I’m sure you’ll find some new delicious meals here.
  • Feel free to remove or add the ingredients that you find in this book to satisfy your needs or alleges. I’m assure you, this book you can trust completely.
  • The ingredients are 100% natural, and chemical/flavor free, you’ll never find anything harmful to your body
    in these recipes.
  • In this book, each recipe is to feed two people. Feel free to go out for a easy dinner on a busy evening.

Smooth Out Cellulite

  • 10 Shocking Truths About Cellulite
  • Blast Cellulite 3 Super Tips
  • Slim Down Water Plus Simple Snack Solutions!
  • Smooth Out Cellulite Demo Workouts

Mystery Bonuses

  • 6 Moves To Slim and Tone Inner Thighs
  • How To “Cheat” And Still Lose Fat
  • How To Eat Clean With A Busy Life
  • Stop Feeling Lazy and Sore Now
  • The In-Home Liposuction Look-Alike

Break Free From Sugar Bonus

  • Lisa’s Weight Loss Story (Success Story)
  • Hormone Balancing with Dr. Nancy Snacks (Bonus)
  • Vanessa’s Weight Loss Story (Success Story)
  • Belly Fat Nutrition Virtual Workshop (Bonus)
  • Blast Belly Fat Wrap Up Call
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Bikini Body EAP Weight Loss Audios

Pros & Cons…



1.) Do not have enough time to cook one of “100 Fat Melting Meals”

With daily busy life, sometimes its hard to find time to cook one of meals from the given 100 of fat melting meals. Andrea has mentioned in her guide, that it is OK to go out for a dinner on a busy evening. It is not compulsory to eat the special diet for all 3 meal times.

The ingredients in these 100 Fat Melting Meals are %100 natural, no artificial are included. That’s why Andrea recommends you to have this special diets.

2.) Too concerned about “Emotional” health

With many years of experience Andrea found out that good mental health is a main factor for a healthy body. When we are in sad and depressed situations, we do not even feel hungry. Even if we take meals, we don’t taste the food we are eating. As you can imagine that’s not a good sign. After many researches, Andrea found out that people how are having an attractive body are also the people who live a happier life. When we came a across a life changing situation, a depressing one, it troubles us, changes the way we see the world and it changes our body too.

That’s why Andrea has included a separate section for “Emotional Weight Loss”, and Body Relaxation Exercises in Butt workout Program.

3.) The Fake Scam Alert on Internet Search Results

This is basically a “trick” to make you visit the website. Im sure you have seen this when you search internet for a specific product on Google/Bing. It makes you think that they bought them product and had really had experience, but when you visit the site, it is mostly an extremely positive review describing how this program helped archiving their goals, how great this workout product is.

4.) Offering you the Product for Free

Often in advertisement and webpages, you may have seen a free download link for the a digital product you’re searching for. When you click on it, all you’re getting is an executable(.exe) program, which install Adwares on your computer. So don’t fall for those fake things anymore. These digital products are copywrite protected, only the verified owner or a legal partner can sell these, offering for free is a total scam.

5.) Fake Reviews ?

Common problem for all the digital products, but after checking all the reviews and testimonials, I came to think that this is a false positive. As an example, there was a special child who was on a wheelchair, telling how glad he is to have his healthy mom back. I honestly don’t think Andrea Alrbight who’s also a mom, would use fake review of a special child on her product.

1.) A Complete product

Andrea covers all the areas of weight loss, providing methods, workouts, exercises and even recipes to gain a healthy and attractive body while having a happier life without starving or heavy workout plans to follow. Jam packed with workout plans targeting butt, hips, thighs, and belly to keep your “bikini ready” body all year long. Tells us how “fit” people live their day-to-day life, and the benefits they gain.

Covers not only outer-body shape, but also the inner and the mental health. My Bikini Butt program uses many relaxation programs which help to have a fully healthy attractive body.

2.) Special Butt Workouts

Mostly the weighty people fear to wear bikinis since it make their huge body unhidden. So Andrea has come up with a special workout plan to “Tighten & Tone the Butt” and “Blast Belly Fat”. In the her ebook, she explains how does it feel a woman when guys turn their heads when she walk pass them. It is actually a great happiness, it makes you special among others. Andrea Albright’s program influence the reader to become an attractive woman, who has a great butt – a perfect bikini butt.

3.) Smooth Out Cellulite

Cellulite” in other words, subcutaneous fat within fibrous, occur in 80–90% of post-adolescent females. Cellulite make the body look older than it should. Several factors affect Cellulite including, Sex, Race, Biotype. Since this is a common problem Andrea guide you how to get away from this unhealthy cellulite and get a slim body.

4.) Includes many Success Stories

To become a success, studying the people who had same problems like you and was able to overcome is also important. Learning from the success is being used widely in therapies and counseling. These success stories in Andrea’s My Bikini Butt ebooks are really inspiring. It teaches people with similar problems, how to face the weight loss challenge.

5.) Case studies of “how FIT people LIVE instead of how fat people lose weight”

The people who live a happier lives tend to have a attractive shaped body than the most of unhappy depressed people. Andrea has included her case study of her findings, on how people with attractive bodies spend their time. Basically it tells how happiness effect our body health. It is about overwhelming truth of how a depressed/sadder life can get you a over weight.


On her Youtube channel, there are hundreds of reviews on her products including this product, which “real” people express their gratitude for helping them to become a success on weight loss. That’s the best Garnette you can get. Her ebooks also include many success stories of dozen of people who had used this exact method to reduce their weight and gain a beautiful body and a great butt.

Having a great butt is everything for women, Andrea gives you few easy-to-follow steps for each fatty parts of your body. If you follow the entire course through, within weeks you’ll see a big change in your weight count as well as in your body shape. You’ll be amazed when people turn their heads while you walk pass them. You will be able to wear bikinis and have fun like other normal people. Good Luck!

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