• AI to predict protein structure millions time faster

    There is an escalating race to get to the bottom of predicting the 3D structures of proteins from their amino-acid sequences. It would not be wrong if it is said that it is one of the biggest challenges that the biological world face. Here again, thanks to the new artificial intelligence (AI) who comes to

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  • Engineer Assembled and Coded His Own “Artificial Pancreas”

    D iabetes is a typical illness, however the condition is challenging to handle. We all understand somebody who has diabetes and abides by the hard regular with a stringent diet plan and injecting insulin prior to meals. Not to forget the routine go to for consultations to medical professionals. One such client is a Dutch

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  • Robots To Make New Antibiotics Efficiently

    Researchers from the University of Manchester have engineered a common gut bacterium by using robotics to produce a new class of antibiotics. within, these antibiotics are also naturally produced by soil bacteria and have antimicrobial properties which are very important in the contemporary pharmaceutical industry to combat cancer and infectious diseases. As the naturally produced Escherichia

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